Industry is at the core of everything we do. Explore the sectors under Energy Skills Australia coverage:

  • Electrotechnology and Communications
  • Electricity Supply Industry - Transmission, Distribution and Rail
  • Electricity Generation
  • Gas Supply

ESI Generation

The Electricity Supply Industry Generation sector encompasses traditional forms of power generation along with new technologies in renewable energy from wind, solar and hydro and bioenergy to enable sustainable power supply.

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The Electrotechnology sector works across a number of industries including the electrical services industry, manufacturing, communications, mining, construction, renewables, domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. The increasing use of new and smart technologies, and the renewable advancements, creates an exciting and dynamic industry.

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Gas Supply

The Gas Supply, Transmission, Distribution Industry delivers natural gas via transmission and distribution pipelines as well as LPG via cylinders to a variety of domestic and manufacturing customers. New technology including blending of hydrogen into existing natural gas networks is currently being pursued by network operators as we move towards cleaner more efficient energy use.

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The Electricity Supply Industry Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector emcompasses Australia's infrastructure networks that are used to transport high and low voltage electricity from generators to transmission and distribution networks and then directly to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

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