Workforce Planning

Ensuring a highly skilled and effective workforce is critical to Australia’s transition in the energy sector.

The energy industry broadly is experiencing a period of rapid technological advancement and transformation into the green economy.

As the national industry skills council Energy Skills Australia assists with the current, emerging and future skills challenges by providing products, services and advice to industry and governments to support high quality training and workforce development.

Energy Skills Australia has embraced workforce planning as a holistic concept that integrates the following three key areas:

  • Recruitment and retention of skilled workers to meet the needs of the evolving industry
  • Workforce mobility and employment outcomes
  • Safety, quality and sustainability

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Your voice

As the peak industry body for the energy sector we believe in ensuring the industry voice is heard. That’s why we have dedicated a platform for you and your voice to have the conversations on shaping the decisions affecting you and your sector.

By providing your feedback to Energy Skills Australia you will have a direct say as we plan, develop and consult on policies and projects with State, Territory and the Commonwealth Government, Regulators, Registered Training Organisations and Industry.

Become a “Your Voice” industry panel member and share your view on multiple topics and issues surrounding the industry.