The Electrotechnology industry impacts almost every aspect of daily life.

Work within this sector is vast and covers many sub-sectors such as refrigeration and air conditioning, data and communications, renewable energy, automation and control, electronics, lifts, fire and security, computer systems and electrical.

The Electrotechnology industry is constantly evolving through technological advancements and new smarter products hitting the market. The Internet of Things (IoT), programming and automation of systems is now commonplace in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Uptake of renewable energy and battery storage systems is increasing, as is the demand for electric vehicles as we power towards a greener economy.

A rewarding career in a fast developing and highly technical industry can include the design, installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment across many applications.

The Electrotechnology industry provides wide ranging opportunities, workplaces, activities and exciting career opportunities.

From entering the industry at Certificate II level all the way up to Advanced Diploma there are numerous qualifications and pathways you can take.

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