Skills Recognition Mapping

As technological advancements evolve and the energy industry is becoming more established in the renewables sector, workers will increasingly require upskilling and transportable skills. Employers will need to know their rights and obligations in their workplace. This includes knowing the correct industrial instrument (Award or Enterprise Agreement) that applies to their employees, the relevant pay classifications and which entitlements such as minimum pay rates and allowances apply.

As the industry declared skills council for the energy sector Energy Skills Australia are available to help you understand your rights and obligations by providing an independent workplace assessment of your employees.

Energy Skills Australia Workplace Assessments

What Energy Skills Australia can do to help, is to facilitate a workplace assessment of your employees, with the view to determining the level of competence of each individual’s skills, against the qualification(s) and defined industry standards of today’s workplaces.

We work closely with you and industry partners to ensure a holistic but independent assessment is conducted.

What is a Workplace Assessment?

A Workplace Assessment is simply an assessment of the level of knowledge and skills an individual possesses of those defined in the relevant qualifications, mapped against the industrial instrument. The first step is usually a ‘desktop’ review of the courses and experiences of the applicant rather than a test of some kind as is implied the term assessment

Achieved by:

  • Questionnaire and supporting evidence
  • Desktop audit
  • Site visit
  • Report

How do I book a workplace assessment?

If you would like an independent assessment of your employees please contact Energy Skills Australia.

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