Electricity Supply Industry – Transmission, Distribution and Rail

This Electricity Supply industry (ESI) Transmission, Distribution and Rail (TD&R) sector covers the transmission and distribution of electricity from the generating power source via overhead and underground lines.

Operatives in this sector may be involved in a wide range of tasks, including, but not restricted to; installation, maintenance, servicing, commissioning/augmentation, network protection, network operation, management, planning and/or vegetation control across transmission, distribution or rail traction networks.

The ESI sector is changing at an unprecedented pace. As we respond to reducing carbon emissions, the way in which energy is produced is continually evolving. Transmission and distribution networks were not initially built to handle the large uptake of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as rooftop solar, battery storage or electric vehicles. Nor are they equipped to handle large scale renewable energy generation such as wind or solar. This increase of renewable power generation requires a significant investment in transmission and distribution networks across the country.

The changing makeup of the grid means that network providers are faced with the difficult task of balancing competing strategic, technical, social and operational considerations whilst managing grid reliability and stability.

Occupations within this sector can include Transmission Lineworker, Distribution Lineworker, Rail Traction Lineworker, Cable Jointer, Network Operator and Electrician.

The TD&R sector works closely with and complements the Electrotechnology, Generation and Gas sectors and given the technological innovations, the range of work activities and vocations involved in the ESI-TD&R sector provides excellent career opportunities.

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