Electricity Supply Industry – Generation

The Electricity Generation Sector produces electricity for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. As we transition to a cleaner energy future and respond to changing consumer demand and expectation, the Australian Generation sector is transitioning from our historic reliance on coal to a more diverse mix including coal, gas and renewable energy sources.

The sector is evolving quickly as is the demand for renewable energy generation such as large scale wind and solar, smaller rooftop solar and increased storage through batteries and hydroelectricity. Newly established Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) will also require significant investment into power generation, transmission and distribution. Offshore wind projects have recently been given approval by the Federal Government, which will create opportunities for new and existing workers transitioning from traditional power generation industries.

Operatives employed in the generation sector may be involved in a wide range of tasks, including, but not restricted to; operation of plant from the control room, local operation of plant systems, management and coordination of unit or station operations, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, electronic/instrumentation maintenance and installation of new plant, equipment and technology.

People employed in the generation sector could include:

  • Mechanical trades people
  • Operators
  • Supervisors
  • Technical Officers
  • Electrical/Instrumentation/control trades people
  • Controllers
  • Technicians
  • Engineers

The Generation sector works in partnership with the Electrotechnology, Transmission, Distribution and Rail and Gas sectors.

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