July 9, 2022 Media release
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E-Oz Energy Skills Australia appoints new Executive Officer

Energy Skills Australia are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Burgess to the role of Executive Officer.

Mark will be guided and supported by Chief Executive Officer Bob Taylor and the board executive committee.

Mark Burgess joined Energy Skills Australia in 2022 in the role of Government Liaison and Industry Engagement Officer. The board executives and Mr Taylor agreed that with his valuable knowledge and experience, and his track record as a strategic leader in the electrotechnology industry he is the best person to help Energy Skills Australia transition to the new reformed Australian VET sector.

“We are very excited to welcome Mark to our team at Energy Skills Australia. He brings a tighter focus on customer relationships between government and industry and will be a great role model for our employees and vendors who come into contact with him.” Mr Bob Taylor

Mark brings a wealth of industry and VET knowledge and experience to the Energy Skills Australia team. Having worked as an Electrician, predominantly in the large commercial and industrial sectors and through his role a National Apprenticeship Officer with the ETU from 2015 to 2021.

”Exciting times are ahead and I look forward to playing my part in ensuring we have an adaptive, highly skilled energy workforce as we transition to a clean economy.” Mr Mark Burgess.

Mark sits on various industry boards and committees in areas such as skills, training packages, licensing and trades recognition and is the Deputy Chair of the Electrotechnology IRC.

Mark has also worked closely with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Global skills policy, such as the Apprenticeship Development for Universal Lifelong Learning and Training (ADULT) project.

Energy Skills Australia is the National Industry Skills Council for the energy sectors, including:

  • Electrotechnology
  • Electricity Transmission, Distribution and Rail
  • Electricity Generation
  • Gas Transmission

Providing industry stewardship, we exist to ensure Australia’s energy sectors have access to a highly skilled and effective workforce.

Media Contact: Mark Burgess 0438 732 301