Australian Services Union (ASU)

The Australian Services Union is one of the largest unions in Australia representing and advocating for over 135,000 members nationally.

We are the voice for working people across Australia. We represent and support our members in areas as diverse as airlines, local government, energy, water, transport, social and community services, call centers, IT, transport, office and admin workers and workers across the private sector.

Whether you work as a casual or permanent staff member, part time or full time, in a large or small business— there is a union to represent you, and here it is the ASU.

Our union defends and advances the rights of our members. By acting together, we are in the very best position to protect your rights at work and to achieve better in your working lives.

We are by your side throughout your working life with expert industrial knowledge and assistance as well as a big range of benefits for members like free professional development and discounts across major brands to help you save.

Membership spanning the ElectroCommunications sector, the ASU has been a member since our inception.